TICdate – Technology, Innovation and Creativity

TICdate - Technology, Innovation and Creativity

Over the last two months I’ve been working in collaboration with the Council of Navàs (Barcelona, Catalonia) and some professionals in the field of ICT for a really exciting project: TICdate, a Technology, Innovation and Creativity Festival.

The Festival, where I’m working as one of the organizers, is gonna take place in Navàs the following 3-4 of May, and everything happening last days makes me predict a big success! We are gonna have several exhibitions from both artists and technologists, great workshops and conferences and really interesting networking sessions. Technologies such as Google Glass, Raspberry PI, Arduino, 3D Printing, Drone gadgets are gonna be part of the Festival. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Moreover, I’m happy to announce that I’m gonna be giving a workshop in Game Design, where you invited! I’m really looking forward to share some of my knowledges with you and work together to design great games! 🙂


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