Reblast, Rebless

Last couple of weeks I’ve been working on a brief from University of Lincoln, based on the artistic movement called Vorticism grown up in the UK the years before and during the World War I (Wikipedia will give you some more details 😛 ).

The outcome was supposed to be a series of images representing the concepts of Blast and Bless but… come on, you know that what I like designing is games and memorable experiences. That’s why I crafted this cute box and gave it a game mechanic similar to Scrabbles.

There you go the summary of this project:

Sometimes we blast, sometimes we bless. Sometimes both.

And it usually has a strong dependence in the context that surrounds us. What we bless today may be blasted tomorrow and vice-versa. We’ll never agree with others, as our blasts and blesses are going to be different than theirs. It’s all relative.

This box is a tool aimed to propose a distended reflexion on the deepness of our blasts and blesses. It has been designed to help us relativize them. To help us positivize our impulses. Because yes, blasts and blesses are commonly a product of a sudden impulse.

Player one, write two things you bless in the ‘blesses shelf’.

Player two, write two things you blast in the ‘blasts shelf’.

From then on, in a one minute turns based order, pick up and use the words the other player has written to create new ones in your shelf. Try to be the first player to fill the whole shelf.
Hopefully, this will make you think about how superficial and easy to solve can usually be our concerns. Take profit of this experience, learn from this. Try to see things through a different lens, the lens of positivism. In the end, life is short –blast it!- but at the same time intense intense and lovely. Bless it.


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