Gamification & stimulating youth

Gamification & stimulating youth

Last 4th of January, during the stay in my hometown for Christmas holidays, I had the pleasure to collaborate with an association of young people in the organization of a cultural dinner. The aims of the dinner were:

  • Wake up young people in the village, usually too passive
  • Connect them to each other, creating interesting discussions
  • Get ideas from them in order to make them real in a near future (parties, workshops, activities…)

Doesn’t it seem a brief for a Gamification project? That’s what I thought! So me and Marina Bertran, a great designer born in my village, decided to ‘paint with a layer of fun and memorability’ all these listed desired behaviours. We designed a couple of big boards where people could interact:

  • In the first one, they could post ideas using a ‘post-it’ paper, while ideas could be voted by adding small colour stickers over them. We called it ‘Connecting ideas’
  • In the second one, people could post a ‘post-it’ with their name and connect it with the ones from people with whom they interacted during the night with a line drawn with a colour marker. We called it ‘Connecting people’.

Assistants in the dinner loved both dynamics, which turned into a really high level of participation. More than 20 interesting ideas were generated, considerably voted and even connected to other ones, and a great picture of human connections was drawn. Hopefully, it won’t be the last gamified dinner done in the village! 🙂


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