Lets turn a miserable moment into a memorable one!

Last couple of months I’ve been working with my mate James Miller (www.jamesmillerportfolio.co.uk, you should definetly check his stuff!) in a project designed to help a group of individuals: those who day after day have to wait in front of the railway crossing because a train is on its way.

Isn’t this a horrible situation? We can definetly define it as a miserable experience. So James and me decided to make these individuals’ everyday life a little bit better by turning this railway waiting time into something fun, exciting, surprising and, eventually, great.

As said, so, we have been working on it the last two months, and we are really close to finish it. Here you are a short video about the process we have followed… and don’t doubt about it, be on the railway next 10th January! 😉


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