Was, is, will…

Was, is, will...

Last weekend I was in Wroclaw, Poland. A deserved three days break after some exciting but also exhausting weeks! But as you may know, it’s never a bad moment for doing some cultural research! 😉 I was brought to the Wrocław Contemporary Museum (http://muzeumwspolczesne.pl/) and had the chance to discover a couple of great exhibitions.

The first of them was a group of pieces of artistic work around the topic of ‘Stages of sleep’, by Eva Kotátková (http://goo.gl/wWkBrq). I found really interesting not just the topic (amazing and incredibly unexplored…) and the visual way that the author presented all the contents, but specially the way she just communicated the concepts. Instead of writing complex and unintelligible pieces of text, she just presented a bunch of sarcastic short stories to transmit it. Really clever!

The second exhibition that amazed me, maybe even more than the previous one, was the archive about Jerzy Ludwiński, a Polish intellectual and art curator (http://goo.gl/EmY7Rh). I could read and think over some theories he developed about art, specially contemporary one, and the future it may have. I must admit that I definetly agree with most of the reflections he presents… This author is a must for those who research about the concept of art, definetly!

As you can see, besides having a lot of fun and spending a really nice weekend I could take a huge profit from my first visit to Poland. I just hope it’s not the last one! 🙂 To end with this post, I’d like to show you the piece of work posted in the main outside wall of the Museum (bylo=was, jest=is, bedzie=will) and introduce you to a discussion… Is really present such a tiny moment in comparison with future and past as the picture represents? I don’t think so… in the end, it’s the only moment we can live, isn’t it? 😉


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