3, 2, 1… Go!

After a couple of weeks thinking about the topic my Applied Transmedia Board Game would be about, after having got really interesting suggestions from more than 160 persons (check this to see the final results)… Yeeeeees! I’ve finally decided the topic! 🙂

First of all, I’ve made a cut by selecting just six of the 14 games I had brainstormed initially. I’ve selected them due to various reasons:

1- Game to set the week menu: it was the most voted by people (84 votes!). I also like this idea, and the background information needed seems to be quite simple and easily accessible.

2- Game to set a brief with a client: most of the people didn’t respond very well to this idea, maybe because it’s quite focused on designers. However, I really think it would be great to create it. In fact, sooner or later I must do it. The main problem for this idea is the big amount of research that needs to be done before designing the actual game. Maybe too much as I’ve got a single month to design it…

3- Conflict mediation Game: it had a great response by people (77 votes), which deserves being included in the final cul. However, I feel that again I need too much research to design it!

4- Teambuilding Game: it was the second most voted (81 votes). It’s really focused and interesting. A great option. But I’ve already worked in Teambuilding Board Games, so why repeating?

5- Game to plan holidays: it had a pretty good response too. And I like it! However, the world is so so big, and I would need to spend quite a lot of time researching about people’s travelling preferences and similar stuf… Let’s keep this idea for a near future! 😉

6- Finally, a Game to teach the Periodic Table: I really LOVE it. It’s so focused to a target and a goal that turns to be the most viable option. It’s really interesting and motivates me very much. Moreover, qualitative feedback from people both in the survey and in social networks have been really good. They seem to be excited about it. So… the decision is taken.


Next step? Going back to my adolescence, remembering my though moments learning it… And, why not? Asking my ex-professors and some Chemistry specialists about their feelings about the project.

Any suggestion? 😉


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