It’s all about Board Games!

Times change. People change. The whole world changes. It is designers’ job to detect these changes and adapt their work to them. In the end, we are supposed to think with the main goal of making people’s life something better, aren’t we?

As said, so, people has obviously changed in the last few years. Nowadays, we are not just looking at the functionality of things. We want something more than this. Some Marketing experts call it ‘the added value’. A clear example about this is Apple. Why do we see an iPhone or an iMac as a beautiful and attractive product? And it’s not like this just in the area of Marketing. As rational beings, we humans are in a constant search of happiness. We want something more than ‘functionality’ in all the areas in our lifes. We love fun, we love surprise, we love pleasure… We love to feel motivated and engaged to whatever we do.

I’m fascinated by board games. I don’t just love them, I really think they really could be a cool help for people in several everyday situations. That’s why a couple of weeks ago I decided to start researching and doing some experimentation related to board games and real-life issues. ‘Why? Aren’t board games quite old-fashioned?’, someone could argue. Yes, they totally are. But not due to their essential condition: they have just been overcomed by other kind of games that have adapted themselves to, as said before, people’s evolution. In essence, board games are a great way to bring people together, which is something really powerful.

Therefore, I’m gonna focus on designing and producing a board game adapted to nowadays users’ needs (specially Transmedia Communication*) but not just for fun. As said , games are a powerful way of making people’s life better, so this game is going to be applied to a real-life situation where something needs to be solved or achieved.

It all started with the generation of topis (or real life situations) that the game could present. I came up with 14, and I really loved all of them… ‘So why not asking people what would they buy?’, I thought. I did a gamified online survey a couple of days ago. Here you can see a screenshot of the survey:

Captura de pantalla 2013-11-06 a les 11.32.46

…and within the 48 hours it’s been online I have got 143 answers. Awesome! I’m really amazed about how people participated. I didn’t get just quantitative data, lots of people also gave me new ideas (which I keep in a document in order to consider for future designs) or suggestions. So I’ve spent all this morning processing all this data. First of all, I’ve done it in an analogue way. The point is that I innocently didn’t expect that many answers, so I just programmed the poll so that I recieved an e-mail with the answer for each submit. The result: 143 e-mails and me writing down the information one by one. Funny! Here you can see the result:


As this analogue written representation of all the data I got is not very visual, I decided to quickly do a digital diagram. Here you can see it: DIAGRAM.

So yeah, I’m gonna design and produce a board game. I haven’t totally decided the topic I’m gonna choose… but it’s gonna be pretty much easier with this knowledge about people’s preferences.

I’d really like to thank everyone who did and shared the survey, you really exceeded my expectations! I’m really happy that people love games as much as I do! 😀


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