Analogic vs. Digital? NEVER! Analogic+Digital

This week I’ve started working in a project around the topic of the potential of digital revolution with my mate Isaac Massot (, check it!). We both are really concerned about how people see new technologies. It’s quite common that digital stuff is seen as bad, dangerous… Also as something against creativity. And it’s ABSOLUTELY NOT like this! By giving digital technology its proper use (don’t forget it, it’s not a mean but a tool!) we can achieve great stuff. For example, increasing the potential of both people and objects. Or what’s even more interesting, connecting people from allover the world. This means that we can connect talent, and this is awesome.

So yeah… what are we actually doing with this concept? In fact it’s quite funny. Few days ago we went to Primark and found a really silly toy drumkit (you can see me playing with it in the photo). As we are real geeks, we bought it and… Boom! The idea of hacking it and turning it into an awesome electronic music instrument came to us. That was it! We thought it would be a funny way to show people our opinion about the potential of technology: turning that shitty drumkit into an amazing musical instrument. So that’s what we are gonna do. We’ll keep you informed! 😉


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