Hello World! :)

Hi there!

This is my first appereance in this blog. Why a blog? Well, first of all let me introduce myself. My name is Ferran and I basically love having fun making people have fun. Yes, I’m a Game Designer. Not just this, I’m also keen on Transmedia Communication. In fact, that’s me: a Game and Transmedia Designer. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

My life as a Designer is quite exciting: I combine research with practical cases. I’m currently finishing my second undergraduate, Interactive Design, at the University of Lincoln, UK (I previously finished an Audiovisual an Multimedia undergraduate in University of Girona, Catalonia). At the same time, I’m working as a contributor Game Designer in Cookie Box, a really cool Business Consultancy company established in Barcelona (checking what they do is a must, trust me!), as well as I do my own stuff as a freelance. Besides this, I’m also spending some of my lovely time in teaching. Since last July I’m professor in the ‘Gamification and Transmedia Storytelling’ master program at IEBSchool.

As I said, I’m quite into research. ‘Research…but what?’, you may wonder. I’m researching about FUN. About how fun can help us to design stuff that really makes our lifes better. Here’s where concepts like Gamification, Transmedia, Serious Games… become relevant. And I really love it. So yeah, that’s what I do, and that’s also what this blog is gonna be about. Again, my name is Ferran and I love to have fun making people have fun. Nice to meet you.


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