‘The Squad of Fun’ is almost finished!

Over the last month, me and Marina (the illustrator who’s helping me with this project) have been working hard on the nine video capsules that the transmedia gamified system ‘The Squad of Fun’ includes. To refresh our memories, this project … Continue reading

The closer, the prouder

The development process for my ‘The Squad of Fun’ gamified learning process is way closer to its conclusion. Most of the multimedia materials are already designed and developed, and the whole illustrations are done (Marina Juanet has done an awesome … Continue reading

A few words about Google’s #PokémonChallenge

So yeah. Google wanted to be cool. I still don’t know wether they pretended to deliver a super-fun experience or it was just a silly April’s Fool, but the thing is that I cannot find any reason that convinces me … Continue reading

‘The Revolution of Fun’

This week I’ve finished my dissertation, called ‘The Revolution of Fun’. It is a study of applied games and fun as highly powerful tools to achieve goals in non-entertainment contexts through motivation and engagement. It basically constitutes a summary of … Continue reading

The Squad of Fun

“2014. The World has become a place where functionality and productivity is more important than enjoying life. People is stressed and even don’t realize that having fun is something fundamental for their happiness… But there’s a man who will fight … Continue reading

Gamifying educational processes

Over the last month and a half I’ve been working on a project that keeps me really excited. I’m basically designing a gamified system to turn a normal learning process into an amazingly fun, motivating and engaging experience. A MEMORABLE … Continue reading

TICdate – Technology, Innovation and Creativity

Over the last two months I’ve been working in collaboration with the Council of Navàs (Barcelona, Catalonia) and some professionals in the field of ICT for a really exciting project: TICdate, a Technology, Innovation and Creativity Festival. The Festival, where … Continue reading